Cost of Classes

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* A one time registration fee of $20 per household applies to all new participant
Our instructors are certified by the American Red Cross and by  USA Swimming Association.
BEGINNER I    An individual who does not know how, is afraid to, or lacks the knowledge.   This session focuses on breathing exercises, floating techniques, and the basic fundamentals of swimming.

BEGINNER II   Able to hold their breath under water for 5 or more seconds.  Is capable to swim a 10 yard distance unassisted.  Able to coordinate kicking and arm motions.  Demonstrated ability to float on their back.

INTERMEDIATE   Students should be able to swim 15 yards unassisted.  Show knowledge of rhythmic /rotary breathing.  Able to swim front and back crawl coordinating proper kick and arm movement.  Capable to tread water for 10 seconds and able to perform a kneel dive.

ADVANCE I  Students can demonstrate the ability to swim 25 yards unassisted. Proficient in Freestyle and Backstroke, and introductory knowledge of Butterfly and Breaststroke.  Capable to tread water for 30 seconds. 

ADVANCE II   Swimmers are comfortable in deep water. Continue to improve stroke technique, refine details of breathing and arm motions of front crawl and back stroke. Learn kicks and arm coordination in butterfly and breaststroke. Begin to develop starts and turns.  Develop competency and confidence in strokes and safety skills.

SWIM TEAM PREP   Students can demonstrate all 4 strokes.  Focusing on refining technique and building efficiency in the water.  Hydrodynamics are emphasized. Starts and turns are improved. Endurance training is introduced.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for all participants and guests         12 years of age and older.
1. Each semester runs for a series of 10 consecutive classes given once per week at the Erasmus  H.S. locations. Each class runs for a duration of 45 minutes.

2.  Make-Up classes will not be permitted

3.  Attending a class other than the one registered for will not be permitted.

4. Only 1 spectator allowed per family for children under the age of 8.  No other spectators will be allowed on the pool deck/locker rooms

5. Masks must be worn at all times unless actively participating in a class (children included).

6. All participants and spectators will be subject to a temperature screening and a health questionnaire 

7. Please refrain from attending class if any of the COVID-19 symptoms are present. 

8. In an event where Swim4Life Swim School must cancel a class, participants will be entitled to a make-up/refund.

9.  All payments must be made in full at or prior to the first class of the session

10.   Payments can be made using a major credit card/debit card, cash or money orders. 

11.   We recommend that the participant will not eat at least 2 hours before scheduled class

12.   Proper swimming attire is a must (swim suit and swim cap), goggles are optional

13. Swim caps and goggles can be purchased on premises
14.   Use of photography during class is prohibited by participants and spectators.